Is Your Marriage Falling Apart After Baby?

If your marriage is crumbling after the arrival of a new baby, you might be wondering how to save it. This article explores some of the possible issues that can cause the breakup of a relationship. You may be surprised to learn that a new baby can affect your relationship in unexpected ways. Here are some things to consider: Adjustment to the new responsibilities, Bias in the family, and Stress in the home.

Relationships can be affected by a new baby

Becoming a parent changes many things in a relationship, including time spent together. New parents have less time to do everything, including hobbies, fitness, and relaxation. The lack of sleep and time for personal care makes parents more stressed and less pleasant to be around. While some relationships can be restored after a short trial separation, most couples have problems at some point. Getting some alone time and doing little things for each other can help keep relationships healthy.

Adjustment to new responsibilities

Having a baby is a life-changing event, and it’s no surprise that couples are unhappy after giving birth. Fortunately, it’s often easier to repair a marriage earlier than later. Most spouses report feeling more stressed and less happy after the birth of their newborn. After all, they spent nine months trying to conceive, endured a traumatic labor, and now have a new addition to their family.

Bias in the family

If you have children, you might have heard of the phrase “parents are the most important thing in the family.” It sounds ridiculous, but it is a common cause of divorce and separation. One parent is more concerned about the children than with the relationship with their partner. The other parent is left high and dry, and risking bad behavior or demonizing the other parent. The whole system is thrown out of balance.

Stress in the home

The idea that staying at home after a baby will make your marriage last is simply not realistic. If your spouse works from home, you can’t be in the house as much as you’d like. You may both feel that the burden is too much and your marriage could fall apart. Rather than ignoring the signs of stress, discuss your options with your spouse and consider career changes if needed.

Unfair division of chores

Many marriages break down because of an unfair division of household chores. The breadwinner may feel entitled not to do certain chores while the other spouse does all the housework. However, if both partners are equally committed to the household chores, the relationship can survive. Some couples decide to make a marriage agreement to ensure that each partner shares the burden of household chores.