Natural Cycles With Problematic Variation and Climate Change

In the context of climate change, natural cycles are a distorting factor. While they may cause climate change on millennium timescales, recent global warming is not part of a natural cycle. Indeed, natural cycles cannot explain the fingerprints of global warming, including observed heat escaping to space at CO2 wavelengths. This article argues that natural cycles cannot account for observed global warming. The arguments presented below are aimed at refuting this view.

Natural cycles are not a driver of long-term climate change

There is a long-running debate in climate science about the role of natural ocean cycles. While scientists generally agree that human activities are the main driver of increasing global temperatures, there is some disagreement about the relative influence of natural cycles on climate. Dr. Karsten Haustein of Oxford University and Dr. Friederike Otto of the University of Texas both argue that natural cycles are unlikely to drive global warming in the future.

They include internal variability

Observations of natural climate cycles can help us understand patterns in climate and deviations from these patterns. These cycles can also provide insight into the amplifying effects of climate change and their regional impacts, which will be essential to developing climate change adaptation strategies. Because the current rate of global climate change is extremely rapid compared to past cycles, there is a possibility that the effects of climate change will result in conditions that we did not expect.

They include external forcings

While many factors are responsible for climate change, the problem of natural cycles with problematic variation cannot be overlooked. The Earth’s orbit around the Sun is one of those factors. Scientists are considering whether the tilt of the Earth’s axis and its precession and eccentricity are causing climate variations. However, it is not clear whether these factors are responsible for global warming or climate change. The Milankovitch theory focuses on these factors, and this theory has strong support in the literature.

They distort the fact

To say that recent global warming is caused by natural cycles is to commit a fallacy known as the single-cause fallacy. By doing so, the myth of natural cycles assumes that the same factors are driving global warming today as they did centuries ago. But the reality is very different. Since humans have emitted massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, natural cycles are unable to explain recent global warming.

They pose a high risk of unintended pregnancy

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