What to Do With Your First Kid When in Labor

If you are in the process of expecting your first child, you might be wondering what to do with your first child while you’re in labor. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Preparing for the arrival of your second child

Preparing for the arrival of your second baby isn’t the same as preparing for the birth of your first. After all, nine months is a long time for a young child. So, you don’t want to distract them during labor. You can make plans for overnight care for your child. And if you’re planning to bring your first child to the hospital, make sure to prepare him for the experience before you start labour.

Explain to your child that you might have to wait a long time for your new baby. If you’re not prepared, your child will think that the baby will appear magically and everything will go back to normal. To help him/her cope with the waiting, prepare your child for the process of childbirth by explaining that they will have a new sibling and Aunt Mary will be at home to take care of them.

Preparing for a baby’s visit to the hospital

Before your first visit to the hospital, you’ll be asked to fill out several forms about the baby, your health, and the adjusting process. The nurse will also take measurements of the length, head circumference, and weight of your baby. It is helpful to have the baby’s clothing off for this measurement. The doctor will check your baby’s growth chart and ask you questions about sleep, feeding, and poop and pee frequency.

While you’re there, fill out any necessary paperwork and mail or scan it to the hospital before your arrival. Take along a favorite book, a pacifier, and a few favorite toys. Don’t forget a change of clothing for yourself and the baby, as well as a few items for the baby. The hospital will provide the bottles, formula, and diapers.

Preparing for a relative to be with you during labor

If you’re planning to have a relative be with you during labor, you will want to be prepared before the big moment. If you’re a first-time parent, you may want to prepare your older child for the big day by providing her with everything she’ll need to cope with the change in environment. It might be a good idea to designate a relative as your “spokesman” for family and friends. This person will be able to let everyone know when the baby arrives. In addition, having a nurse act as a bouncer will help you cope with the new baby.