Empowering Yourself After a Cesarean Section

After you’ve had a cesarean section, you might feel a bit lost about your body. If this is the case, here are a few tips to make the experience as positive as possible. Using a midwife, asking questions, and reclaiming your body after c section are all ways to empower yourself. Read on to find out more. And don’t forget about c-section scar cover-up tattoos.

Getting women empowered

Empowerment has been a key component of safe childbirth, and the importance of it cannot be overstated. In fact, a majority of women have the ability to give birth naturally with support from their partner, family, and obstetrician. Inadequate support during childbirth robs women of their birthright to empowerment. According to Jan Verhaeghe, director of New Dawn Midwifery in Asheville, NC, “a woman is not a patient who is unable to give birth. She is not only a mother, but also a midwife.”

A recent study of 1,657 women in South Africa found that the number of antenatal visits was associated with a woman’s empowerment. ECS is more common among multiparous women than primiparous women. The study also found a significant association between ECS and being multiparous. However, the relationship between fewer visits to antenatal care and the likelihood of undergoing an ECS was negative for both groups.

Reclaiming their bodies after cesarean section

The movement for natural childbirth began in the 1960s, when caesarean sections were 3% of all births. Although they were often lifesavers for both mothers and babies, these procedures were also considered standard. While vaginal birth was common with the next child in the UK, it was not a common option in the USA. Many women were recommended repeat C-sections. The medical profession considered this ‘trial of labour’ and encouraged repeat C-sections.

Using a midwife

The decision to use a midwife for your birth is a big one. Some women opt for an obstetrician, while others prefer a midwife. Midwives are well-trained to handle both medicated and non-medicated deliveries, and they are also adept at managing the risks of a VBAC. A midwife is there to help you and your baby through each stage of your pregnancy, from conception to delivery. In case of any complications, your midwife will make sure that you receive proper medical attention. Midwives are also trained to know when to call a doctor for the best course of action.

The most important reason to use a midwife for your delivery is to protect your baby. Midwives are trained to provide physical support to a mother during labor. If they don’t, it may result in a negative birth experience. Midwives must be hired in greater numbers to meet the emotional and physical needs of mothers. For the sake of safety and quality of care, midwives must be appropriately compensated.

Using a c-section scar cover-up tattoo

The most common location for a C-section scar is just below the belly button. Several women chose to cover their scars with tattoos. These designs can include floral patterns or inspiring quotes. The scars can be a beautiful, permanent representation of their new role as mom. Women who have undergone this procedure will likely never want to hide them again, but tattoos can give them a new sense of self-confidence.

Many women are troubled by the appearance of their curved c-section scar. The placement of the scar is often left to the OB/GYN – he or she will only focus on the health of the mother and baby. Most women also find that the position of the scar is uncomfortable or unflattering, and this may lead to excess skin drooping over the scar.