What does ‘sleeping through the night’ really mean?

“Is he/she sleeping through the night?” is probably one of the most common questions new parents are asked. But, what does ‘sleeping through the night’ really mean? 12 hours, 8 hours…? It depends! It depends on the age, weight and development of your baby. If your child is healthy, developing and growing properly, this is what you should expect in terms of sleeping through the night.

Age Sleeping Through The Night (STTN)
Newborn 3 – 5 Hours
1 – 3 Months 5 – 8 Hours
3 – 6 Months 8 – 12 Hours
After 6 Months 12 – 13 Hours

Having said that, you may very well have a 2 month old baby sleeping 12 hours at night, or a 6 month old baby sleeping 8. Remember that these are averages, and there are many factors that affect each baby’s particular situation. The goal would be for our babies to be sleeping 12 hours at night somewhere between 4 to 6 months of age.

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3 thoughts on “What does ‘sleeping through the night’ really mean?”

  1. I am on baby number 3 and only my first child “slept through the night” at a young age. The last two have been trying to say the least. My gorgeous 18 month old has sleep apnea and she wakes up constantly….needless to say sometimes she wakes up to a very ratty mama bear!

    1. Thanks for your comment! and congratulations on your three children! I’m sorry to hear that your baby has sleep apnea and her sleep (and yours!) is sometimes not as good as it should. We will be following your journey from city to countryside!

      We hope you add us to your blogroll and keep coming back for useful parenting information!

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