Constant Night Wakings

Smooth Parenting Approach to Sleep:

Angelina ~ Constant Night Wakings

Is your child waking up constantly at night or during naps? Angelina used to wake up several times throughout the night before her mom seeked the help of Smooth Parenting. I’m proud to say that Angelina doesn’t wake up at night anymore! Learn more about their past and current situation from Angelina’s mom:

Angelina’s main sleep challenge was her constant night wakings. She would wake up 3 – 4 times during the night, every night.

Angelina_Smooth Parenting

She would have her first waking at 9:30pm, her second around 12:30am and her third around 3:30am and so on. I would go in, nurse her and she would fall asleep until she was about 9 months old. After 9 months, she would no longer fall asleep while nursing and she would stay away sometimes for over an hour.

At 11 months old, I contacted Diana for help! She prepared a detailed plan to help Angelina sleep better, without those dreaded night wakings; which included a schedule that was perfectly tailored to Angelina’s natural cycles.

That night I decided to implement the plan, I was prepared for a long night with tea, chocolate and a good movie to distract me. She woke up as usual at 9:30pm and to my surprise, she fell asleep after a few minutes of implementing the plan. I stayed up until her second waking – which never happened, so I was the one who was losing sleep for no reason! She had the usual third night waking and fell asleep after a couple of minutes. I was shocked!

The next night she only woke up once and fell asleep very quickly. Ever since she has been sleeping 11-12 hours straight and falls asleep more easily for her naps as well. I no longer need to stay in the room and creep out hoping that I do not step on a squeaky floorboard!

Smooth Parenting has definitely changed our lives! Thank You!”

Brooke B. Mom to Angelina, 11 months old

Boston, MA United States


4 thoughts on “Constant Night Wakings”

  1. So what is the secret? Is it swaddling, white noise? I have a 9 week old (probably too early to expect much sleep). For a while he was having a 5 hour stretch after we first put him down of solid sleep. Now he is back to waking up again and it’s every 2-3 hours still. Sometimes he is hungry but other times it’s his stomach. He has so much gas. Could it be teething? He drools alot. This Mom’s Guide ( suggests I should be wiping his gums after each feed.

    1. Joy,

      It depends on the child. Sometimes swaddling helps, although it should be stopped once the baby is around 4 months old or he can roll on his own (whichever comes first).

      I don’t recommend the use of white noise machines for everyone, although sometimes are really necessary to block outside noise.

      Please visit our site for further information and feel free to book a complimentary get acquaintace session so we can chat about your specific situation.

      Best, Diana-
      Diana G. Blanco

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