Your children are watching you

Sometimes we forget that what our children learn comes more from our behaviors than from our words. They are always watching us.

I believe that just being aware of this would help us be better parents. They notice our disposition when we wake up in the morning. They see how we live. They see whether we face the day with a smile and a great attitude, or whether we are despising getting out of bed and starting our day.

They see how we talk to and treat our spouse. They see how we show love to each other, how we have conversations, how we disagree and grow from our mistakes, how we apologize, how we appreciate each other, how we forgive and we respect each other.

They see how we treat their siblings, how we address little mistakes, how we listen to their stories and worries, how we have fun with them, how we share little moments with them, and how we respect them as human beings.

They watch us and learn. When they grow up they will emulate what they’ve lived in their home. If we want them to be good citizens, kind people, respectful and loving spouses, present and caring parents… we need to be that ourselves.

What are your kids watching?

Much love, Diana-

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