What am I doing wrong?

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about my own parenting. Over the past few year and a half there’s been a lot of emotional and physical challenges, and many changes in my personal and family life, which have inevitably affected my daughters, my relationship with them and our family dynamics. Unfortunately, in some areas we need to course correct.

Recently, I’ve been having issues with some of my daughters’ behaviors, nothing major, but some things that I would’ve never expected from them. I’ve been wondering at times, ‘What am I doing wrong?’ ‘What am I missing?’ I know the answers are within me, so today I’ve decided to ponder on this guiding principle, so I can figure out what I should improve within myself, so I can better guide them to improve their behavior shortcomings.

IMG_5181.PNGWhat can you improve within yourself today?

Much love, Diana-

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