8 Simple Hacks for Stress-Free Mornings

Mornings are usually a point of contention for many families. We wake up late, we scramble to get things ready, we remember last minute tasks we need to do, we are all rushing to get out the door, multiple mini-fights are arguments arise… and we all leave the house feeling exhausted, stressed and disconnected. Does that sound familiar? You are certainly not alone!

The key to a smooth morning with your children is to have a well thought out morning routine. Here are some 8 tips to make it happen:

  1. Start the night before
  2. Keep everything as organized as possible
  3. Make sure everyone is well rested and has had enough sleep
  4. Wake up before your kids and take care of yourself first
  5. Fill up your kids love tank
  6. Use morning routine charts
  7. Remain calm
  8. Send them off with love


In the next few days, I will dive in to every one of these points to help you guarantee your family has smooth, loving and peaceful mornings.

Much love, Diana-

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