Stress-Free Mornings Hack #8 – Send Them Off With Love

Parents have a tremendous influence on their children’s self-esteem. Self-esteem is the collection of beliefs that we have about ourselves. The way we think and feel about ourselves determines our behavior, our attitude towards life and others, and the quality of our relationships.

If your child’s love tank is full when he leaves the comfort of your home, he will have more confidence in himself, and will be more likely to stand up for himself and others, to fight peer pressure, to avoid being a target for bullies, to try new things, to fail with grace, and to make better decisions.

Your child’s love tank is filled throughout the day, not only in the mornings. However, it is important to make sure our kids leave the house with calm, without stress, and knowing that they are fully loved and accepted, that they don’t need to look for love and approval in all the wrong places, and that they are perfect just the way they are.

Since my daughters are in different schools, I usually drive my three year old to school, while my twins walk to school with our au pair. When my twins are about to leave, I give them a big hug, I tell them ‘I love you,’ look into their eyes, tell them our special phrase and I remind them to have fun and do their best. During their walk to school, our au pair loves on them a little bit more, talks to them, makes them laugh and feel loved, which is a blessing!

On my drive to school with my little one, we talk about things she likes, we put on her favorite songs, sing and ‘dance.’ We talk about what she thinks she’ll do in school and what she’s looking forward to. Once I get to the drop off line, we kiss goodbye and say ‘I love you, have a great day!.’ She always jumps out of the car with a big smile on her face.


How do you guarantee that you send off your child into the world with a full love tank?

Much love, Diana-

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