Stress Free Bedtime Routines Hack #1: Complete Tasks In As The Day Goes On

The best way to guarantee a smooth bedtime and to make sure we don’t leave things to the last minute. Completing tasks as the afternoon goes on not only will help us have a smoother bedtime, but also a smoother morning the following day.

These are some things MY DAUGHTERS do as they afternoon goes on:

  • Hang up the coats as soon as they get home
  • Put away shoes or boots as soon as they enter the house, and leave them always in the same place, so they know where to find them in the morning
  • Empty backpacks and lunchboxes as soon as they get home
  • Clean up their homework station as soon as the homework is done
  • Put away folders, books, notes to sign… in the backpack
  • Hang backpacks in the designated area so they’re ready to be picked up the next morning
  • Place their electronics in the charging station before they go to bed – we don’t allow any electronics in their bedroom (I’ll address this later in when we go over our May Parenting Resolution)
  • Put the dirty clothes in hamper after they are bathed
  • Brush their hair before they go to bed, so you have to deal with less knots in the morning

The idea is to get as much done as you go, so you don’t have to deal with last minute things five minutes before bedtime.

Much love, Diana-

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