Customization and Gentleness are the Secret Ingredients to Successful Baby Sleep Coaching

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For years parents have been receiving confusing and often contradictory information about the best methods to get their babies to sleep. 

But, what is really the best way to teach your baby to sleep and develop healthy sleep habits?

Diana G. Blanco, strongly believes that no two children are alike, and therefore, there are no cookie-cutter solutions that work for every child when it comes to sleep.

In Smooth Baby Sleep, Diana G. Blanco, presents a simple, gentle and customizable plan that works from birth to toddlerhood. After reading this book you will know how to:
  • Understand your baby’s sleep cues•Design your child’s optimal daily routines
  • Gently help your child become an independent sleeper
  • Teach your child sleep through the night and take restorative naps
  • End bedtime battles and witching hours
  • Solve common sleep challenges such as early rising, poor napping, frequent night wakings, transition to toddler bed, juggling breastfeeding and baby sleep, etc.

Blanco’s Smooth Baby Sleep allows you to reinforce your bond with your child, and maintain your commitment to your child’s happiness, health and development; while you help him or her get a good night’s sleep.

“I had read all the baby books out there by the time my twins were 6 months old; and I had tried many different methods to get them to sleep. None of them worked! When I received ‘Smooth Baby Sleep’ I was determined to show Diana her method would not work with my sons either. However, as I was following the step by step system and designing my son’s sleep plans, I became hopeful.

Sleep training went exactly as Diana mentioned in the book. Within a week both Noah and Jacob were sleeping through the night, and taking two naps during the day. I couldn’t believe it! This book is fantastic! It really helps you design and follow the best sleep training plan for your child.” 

Laura Alexander, Columbus, OH, USA – Mother to 8 Month-Old Noah and Jacob

“The Sleep Plan that we designed following this book was just PERFECT for our son and for us! We started implementing it on a Friday, and my son was happily sleeping through the night by Monday. We were overjoyed! We still cuddle and have our special bonding time at night; but now he goes to sleep on his own every single night since then.” 

Cathy Williams, Los Angeles, CA, USA – Mother to 9 Month-Old Tim