China Documentary 2019

The China documentary 2019 is a powerful look at what life is like in a communist country. It focuses on two post-00s, the generation born after China’s entry into the World Trade Organization. The film follows the lives of these children, who were five when filming started and are now seventeen. Watching the film will make you question the system in China. It may even inspire you to become a communist! However, be sure to watch the trailer carefully.

Chinese re-education camps

Earlier this year, a BuzzFeed journalist was denied visa to travel to China because of her reports on Chinese re-education camps. Since then, two other investigative journalists have also been denied access to China, including VICE’s Isobel Young. Both have reported on the horrific conditions in Chinese re-education camps and the gruesome torture that prisoners face. Despite their efforts, however, the Chinese government has consistently resisted attempts to contact them.

American factory

“American Factory” shows how the working classes at the bottom of the social hierarchy fight each other for survival. While the American workers reminisce about their days of good wages and benefits, the Chinese have not yet experienced those advantages. They are stuck at the bottom of the ladder of capitalism. The documentary is a jarring and necessary reminder of why capitalism is a double-edged sword. It also explores the nature of freedom and how the notion of freedom can be exploited and undermined.

Three sisters

This powerful China documentary follows the lives of three sisters in a rural village. Yingying, Zhenzhen and Fenfen live in a tiny, impoverished village. The film features steady camera work and many uninterrupted takes that offer a unique insight into their daily lives. Watching the film will make you feel closer to these children and their lives. You may find yourself empathizing with their plight.

Gao Kao

In July 2019, National Geographic Channel Asia aired a new documentary titled “Gao Kao 2020.” This documentary follows the experience of five foreign directors as they attempt to document the gaokao, the annual college entrance examinations in China. This event has become the largest organized mass gathering in the country since the outbreak of COVID-19 in January. In this episode, we are introduced to Xu Yunchi, a young man who has achieved good grades and dreams of becoming a network engineer like his father. He is a rising star at Fudan University.

Adoption of girls in china

Three high school-aged girls were adopted from China by Western parents, and a mail-in DNA test revealed that they are blood-related cousins. They use social media to bond and travel to China to explore their past. Because of the One Child Policy, China is infamous for its adoption practices and the uncertainty surrounding them. Approximately 100,000 children were adopted by western families during the 1990s, and most were girls. Although most Chinese families wanted boys, many girls were abandoned for adoption.