How to Use a Birthing Ball to Turn a Breech Baby

Using a birthing ball to turn a breech baby is a common procedure. The ball is a soft, non-toxic sphere that is free of latex, BPA, and pthalates. A birthing ball is an excellent tool for relieving aches and pains during pregnancy, and can also help lull a baby to sleep. While some balls are equipped with a pump, you can use a bike tire bump to create a suction effect.

Exercise ball

One way to turn a breech baby is to use an exercise ball. The ball should be inflated to the hips and should be placed next to a comfortable chair during labour. Performing the exercises will take the baby out of the pelvic brim, which can make turning difficult. If you feel any pain or lightheadedness during the exercise, stop immediately and consult your healthcare provider. In addition, it is crucial that you do not push too hard or push too much.


There are many reasons to use moxibustion to turn a breech baby. This ancient Chinese technique is a great option for a vaginal delivery, but it is not always effective. The most recent trial conducted in Spain involved 406 low-risk women who were randomly assigned to receive ‘true moxibustion’ or ‘fake moxibustion’ instead of their usual care. Nevertheless, the moxibustion method has been proven to help turn breech babies, and it is worth trying it before you go to the doctor.

Breech tilt

If you’ve been struggling with the prospect of turning a breech baby, consider using a Birthing ball. The breech position can occur for several reasons, including an increased volume of amniotic fluid or too little. Either way, it can be very difficult for the baby to swim or turn around. It can also be caused by multiple gestation, and a previous breech birth increases the chances of another.

Tuning fork

One option for turning a breech baby is to use a tuning fork. This device is placed over the ear of the pregnant woman. This method sends a clear and precise message to the nervous system and body. This technique is very effective because it induces a deep state of alpha brain waves, which is also known as meditation and self-healing. Another option is to perform the tuning fork therapy in conjunction with breech tilt.

Sitting upright

There are several methods for turning a breech baby before delivery. Some are more effective than others. While some can be done at home, others should be performed by a doctor or midwife during labor. Here are the basics of the techniques:

Getting into a hands and knees position

During labor, getting into a hands-and-knees position is a great way to help convert your breech baby’s presentation. This position allows for a baby to flip down from its occipito-posterior position. In fact, getting into a hands-and-knees position during labor can help convert your breech baby’s position to occipito-anterior.

Using a birthing ball during labor

During labor, the use of a birthing ball can be helpful. This tool allows a woman to change positions while laboring, such as leaning over the ball, kneeling on the floor, or sitting on it. The use of this birthing aid helps turn a breech baby while decreasing the risk of c-section. It’s also great for relieving lower back pain and allowing a birthing partner to position themselves close to the mother-to-be.