What to Take to the Hospital When Your Daughter is Having a Baby

What to bring to the hospital when your daughter is having sex? We’ve compiled some ideas for what to pack for her new baby. You can find a cot mat, pillow, and diffuser to name a few. But what else can you bring? Read on to learn how to make everything go more smoothly. Also, don’t forget to pack extra clothes and a camera to share the experience with family and friends.

Bring a cot mat

Buying a cot mattress is a good idea for a new parent, but remember that it’s not cheap. Make sure the bars are placed evenly and the mattress fits snugly. You also want to make sure there are no moving parts or gaps where clothing might get caught. Also, don’t buy cot bumpers. They can be uncomfortable and can even cause tangled fastenings, which could lead to the baby’s neck being twisted.

A cuddle cot is a cooling mattress that can be placed in the cot or a pram, and it will help the parents stay with the baby after birth. Statistics show that stillbirths are a huge shock to the parents. They have expectations for the baby and how they will care for them, and they grieve. However, there are things you can do to minimize the shock and help them cope.

Bring a pillow

Don’t leave home without your favorite pillows. Hospital pillows are notoriously uncomfortable. It’s wise to pack a pillow with you, and make sure to bring a pillow case (preferably not white). It’ll help to keep your daughter’s head supported during breastfeeding, and it can even serve as a splint against the incision during the bumpy ride home.

In the hospital, you’ll likely be sitting on a hard, uncomfortable bed. Even the most comfortable pillows are uncomfortable, and hospital beds may not be low enough to make you comfortable. A pillow is a great way to make the experience more comfortable, and hospital beds often don’t have the room to lower them. You can also use a nursing nightgown or pajamas that are more comfortable.

Bring a diffuser

You may be surprised to know that you can use essential oils in a hospital room. You can purchase a diffuser that releases the aromas of your favorite essential oils into the air. Some diffusers even have soothing colored lights to help the baby relax. However, you must make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, as some hospitals do not allow diffusers. When you bring essential oils for topical application, make sure you dilute them before applying them to a baby. Essential oils can be harmful if applied to the skin, so you should dilute them first.

Choosing the right scents is vital to keeping the baby healthy. Lemon, for example, is a natural disinfectant and anti-bacterial. You can use lemon oil in a diffuser in the nursery to disinfect baby items and soft stuffed animals. Lemon also helps boost spirits and ease depression, making it a great essential oil to bring with you. Rosemary oil, meanwhile, can help protect the baby’s immune system, increase circulation, and boost moods.