Why My Baby Doesn’t Like Skin to Skin Cuddling

If you’ve tried to cuddle your newborn but your baby doesn’t respond to skin to face contact, it may be time to reconsider. Sometimes, your baby is just not in the mood. They may be grumpy or just need space. This might also be the case when you try to make skin-to-skin contact later. Another common cause of rejection is the smell of strong-smelling products. Avoid using these products as babies are attracted to the natural scent of their skin. Alternatively, speak to your health visitor or midwives for advice.

Face-to-face contact

While many babies enjoy being held and hugged, a few babies do not. They do not like the physical pressure of being held and may react with anger or disapproval. In this case, try calming your baby by taking a walk, or talking to them instead. When your baby resists contact, try leaning over to calm them down. In this way, you can avoid triggering their anger.

Research shows that face-to-face contact with a parent or caregiver promotes positive feelings in both parties. Babies also enjoy playing peek-a-boo, which stimulates higher-order thinking while reinforcing social bonding. As a result, they get great pleasure when you look at them and respond to your emotional tone and words. If your child avoids eye contact, you may need to seek professional help.


If your baby is not a fan of tummy-to-mummy time, don’t panic. Many babies do not like the position and will often protest when put on the tummy. Here are some things to keep in mind to make tummy time fun for your baby. Before you begin, make sure your baby is in a good mood and isn’t tired or hungry. Using the chest is also a good option, because it helps prevent spit-ups.

A padded mat with a roll or a musical toy will help keep your baby entertained during tummy time. Your baby will be much more likely to tolerate this if you engage them while they are laying on their tummy. Also, a black and white picture board, a musical toy, or a colorful play mat are great choices for tummy time.


You may be wondering, “Why does my baby don’t like chest-to-chest cuddling?” It’s common for babies to prefer eye contact and talking to their parents over hugging. Fortunately, there are several ways to avoid causing this problem. Here are some tips: