How to Make a Hospital Room Feel Homey

How can you make a hospital room feel more like home? Here are some tips on bringing comforting items from home into the room. You might want to include pictures of your family, a favorite book, or a cherished photo. Using these items to decorate a hospital room will give it a welcoming, familiar feel. Here are some of the most effective ideas. Read on to find out how to make a hospital room feel more like home.

Making a hospital room feel more like home

If your hospital room isn’t as comfortable as you’d like, there are some simple things you can do. Don’t forget to bring your own clothes, or buy a hospital gown online. If you’re worried about exposing yourself to the elements, make sure to consult your doctor or midwife before you go. Bringing personal items will make the room feel more like home, so bring a framed picture of your loved one or a baby blanket. You can also bring lotions and essential oils to help you relax during labour.

Bringing in familiar items

While you might be tempted to bring in your own personal comfort items, it’s best to check with the medical facility first to make sure they are allowed. Each hospital has its own policies and rules. Ask the staff if your idea is okay before proceeding. Once you’re sure, bring in your loved one’s favorite items! You may also consider bringing in familiar scents. Bringing in favorite toiletries, like your favorite soap or shampoo, will make the entire experience a bit more comfortable.

Adding a touch of warmth

One of the best ways to add a bit of warmth to a hospital room is to bring a throw blanket or pashmina scarf. During cold months, hospitals are often chilly to prevent the spread of bacteria. Besides the comfort factor, throw blankets also allow care providers to access various parts of the body. The nurse who is providing care should be able to keep the patient comfortable and warm.

Adding a touch of familiarity

Bringing a touch of familiarity to a patient’s hospital room is possible with a few simple changes. The most important thing is to avoid bright hospital lights, as these can interfere with the production of oxytocin. Instead, use battery-powered fairy lights or star-projector lights. And remember to wear eye masks. The brighter the lights, the more likely the patient will be to be alerted by them.

Adding flowers

One way to brighten up a hospital room is by adding a bouquet of bright and cheerful flowers. While roses are the traditional choice, other flowers are suitable for hospitals as well. Choose the flowers with care as large arrangements can make it difficult for patients to move around. Choose sturdy containers to prevent the flowers from being broken. The colors of the flowers should complement the decor of the room. Also, make sure to check whether the hospital has a policy for flowers, as some places don’t allow any.

Adding Christmas lights

Adding Christmas lights to a hospital room can bring cheer and coziness to the stay of a loved one. There are many ways to decorate the hospital room with Christmas decorations. Poinsettia plants are a perfect example. They not only add color, but also greenery. Just be sure to keep them out of the way of hospital machines and beds. You do not want to distract the doctors and nurses from their work.