How to Get a Breech Baby to Turn

The Webster Breech Technique is a gentle and safe method that aims to reduce pelvic stress and relax the uterus and surrounding ligaments. It can help breech babies turn naturally. Only chiropractors and other health professionals have heard of it, but it is safe and effective. This method relies on the idea that the baby is sensitive to sound outside the womb and will move toward the source of sound.

Webster technique

The Webster Technique is a proven method for turning a breech baby. It has proven effective in relieving intrauterine constraint and converting breech presentations to cephalic. Intrauterine constraint refers to any external force applied to a developing fetus that prevents it from attaining a head down vertex position. Breech presentation is a common cause of cesarean delivery. In fact, nearly 13% of all cesarean deliveries are caused by breech presentation.

Supported bridge pose

If you’re hoping to get a breech baby to flip, you might have heard about a simple pose known as supported bridge pose. This pose is similar to the downward-facing dog position in yoga but requires additional support. It can be held for several minutes at a time and should be performed on a firm surface with your back supported. You should do this pose at least three times and continue as long as you feel comfortable.

Breech tilt pose

To induce a breech baby to turn, a woman should first lie on her back in an anti-gravity position, with feet up. She should bend her knees and avoid tensing. She may use pillows to raise her hips higher than her shoulders. Then, she can talk to her baby from inside to encourage it to turn down. During this process, the baby will be attracted to warmth.


There are many methods to encourage a breech baby to turn, and one of them is to use moxibustion. This method is a good way to turn a baby that is in a breech position. A moxibustion stick should be placed in a glass jar with a lid and left there for at least 40 minutes. Acupuncture and postural techniques can also help.

Using gravity

Using gravity to get a breeches baby to turn is a simple but effective way to help your fetus achieve the right orientation before birth. Breech babies naturally turn in their last few weeks before delivery. As they grow larger, gravity will help them descend to the pelvic area. However, if you can’t get the baby to turn in this position naturally, there are a number of interventions you can use.

Using heat and cold to encourage baby’s head to turn down

If your baby is still high in the air and is preventing the head from turning down, you may be wondering how you can induce a breech tilt. There are two ways to achieve this: you can use a warm water bottle or ice pack in the bath. The cold will encourage the baby to move to a warm position, which will eventually result in the head turning down. Another way to induce a breech tilt is to use a flashlight placed near your pubic area. If you can’t stand the cold, try playing some soothing music on your phone or in your car. During pregnancy, you will also find that relaxing activities can be beneficial, including swimming.